Bayero's Qualy Melody 13 months old.

(INT NORD NUCH SECH DKCH DKW-13 Bayero's Lothario x NUCH Alpine Mtn Brooklyn)




The sisters, Bayero's Touch of Mascara & Bayero's Touch of Black

Parents: NUCH DK CH Bayero's Magic Denzo x NUCH Alpine Mtn Brooklyn


1st of March 2015

He did it again!!

MULT CH BIS RW-14 RW-13 Bayero´s Macig Dream BEST IN SHOW :)

Many congrats to Gudný Vala



Bayero's Qualy Chopper became BOB minor puppy at the SBCA National 2014.

Thanks to the judge Paul Bodeving, and congratulations to his new owners Christopher & Morgan Whiting,

Alpine Mtn Saints



Bayero's Qualy Chopper, almost 5 months.



Puppies born 3rd of May





HRFI Int. Reykjavik:
IS CH RW-13 Bayero´s Magic Dream: BEST IN SHOW!! :-)

Handled, owned and loved by Gudny Vala.




Alpine Mtn Brooklyn: Exc, CK, CAC, BOS, New NORWEGIAN CHAMPION!!



Tr.Heim Hundefestival 2013, Bayero´s Lord It Over: BOB Alpine Mtn Brooklyn: BOS




Grandpa Denzo and his grandchild:-)





Sleepy Hollows Midway Utah


Showresults 4th of August. Two more titles this weekend.

NUCH Bayero´s Immortal Lady became Swedish Champion!


NUCH Bayero´s Lothario became Swedish Champion!




PMW-08 JE-08 JP-09 GI CH PT CH Bayero's Genuine Benefit  
achived the Danish championtitle, BOB and
BEST IN SHOW at World Special Dog Show for Saint Bernard 2010, Denmark!!
She was handled by
Raquel Colaço
We are so proud of this wonderful girl :-))
Congratulations to Susana Falardo Ramos & Alexandre Bruno:-)




Bayero's Grand Finale 19 months old
Owned and loved by Maria Håheim Larsen & Arne Olav Udnes


PMW-08 JE-08 JP-09 Bayero's Genuine Benefit took another
BEST IN SHOW at the Saint Bernard speciality in Portugal
She was handled by the junior handler
Raquel Colaço
Owned and loved by Alexandre Fernandes Bruno



Bayero's Fly High, 19 months old


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