NEWS 2005

14.12.05 Now it's possible to add pictures to our guestbook

11.12.05 N UCH Bernegården's Evidence became Sweedish Champion!!

27.11.05 New pictures Bayero's DJ
27.11.05 New pictures
Bayero's Dot Com

21.11.05 Bayero's Dot Com got his own page

13.11.05 News in showresults N UCH Bernegården's Evidence

13.11.05 News in showresults Toffe-Loffe's Remember Me

12.11.05 New pictures in Litterbox

03.10.05 New pictures in Photoalbum

Vi forhandler våtfòr med vom og kylling.

12.10.05 New pictures in Litterbox

08.10.05 Bernegården's Last Rose Of Summer got her own page
Bernegården's Killing Me Softly got her own page

03.10.05 New pictures in Litterbox

24.09.05 New pictures in Litterbox

17.09.05 New pictures in Litterbox

26.09.05 new link

09.09.05 New pictures in Litterbox

02.09.05 New pictures in Litterbox

30.08.05 We just got two new St.Bernard girls to our kennel.
Pictures coming...

30.08.05 New picture  N UCH Bernegården's Evidence

27.08.05 Showresults N UCH Bernegården's Evidence

27.08.05 New Champion Bernegården's Evidence

26.08.05 Finally Toffe Loffe's Remember Me arrived at our home

25.08.05 Skye Terrier puppies born

16.08.05 We are expecting a new girl to our home

15.08.05 News in Showresults Bernegården's Evidence

21.07.05 New pictures Ter-Abyrex Quinine

20.07.05 Planned litters

07.07.05 for sale

26.06.05 Bernegården's Evidence CAC-CACIB-BOB

21.06.05 New page Bayero's Chiva
21.06.05 New page
Bayero's Cajza

06.06.05 New page Bayero's Caesar
06.06.05 New pic.
Other pets
06.06.05 New pic.
Pia's page
06.06.05 New pic.

02.06.05 New pictures Denzo's page

25.05.05 for sale

21.05.05 more pedigree

10.05.05 for sale

26.04.05 new link

21.04.05 planned litters

13.04.05 new pic. Pia's page

06.04.05 new pic. Pia's pedigree

19.03.05 new pic. horses
19.03.05 new pic.
Denzo pic.
about us
19.03.05 new pic.

14.03.05 new pic. Denzo
14.03.05 new pic.
14.03.05 new pic.

06.03.05 about us
06.03.05 new pic.

04.03.05 new pic. E-litter
04.03.05 new pic.
04.03.05 new pic.

24.02.05  E-litter

17.02.05 update all over

07.02.05 update all over

05.02.05 in memory

04.02.05 for sale

03.02.05 new pic. Pia

02.02.05 update all over

01.02.05 new pic. B-litter
01.02.05 new pic.